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Prime Behavioral HealthThe following poem, written by a client of Prime Behavioral Health, depicts grief with a life of its own. It can feel that way. Particularly during the holidays when the glitter, lights, and music distracts us from our grief – but only for a short while. Grief speaks up loud and clear, drawing our attention back to our loss. Grief can also be our friend…it reminds us that we have loved, been touched by another person and that we are alive. While the searing pain will eventually subside, the memory of that special person in your life will live on. So, at this Christmas time remember that “this too shall pass”, buy not the memory that comforts. –submitted by Shirley Verhey, LPCC-S


I’m here to take the place of what you’ve lost.

I’ll be here when no one else understands.

I will be your excuse for not leaving your comfort zone even when you feel uncomfortable.

You can control me. But then, you can’t.

I’ll show you how strong you can be or how weak.

I bring people together or tear them apart.

I can ruin relationships, but help build new ones.

Some of your family and friends may not acknowledge to you why I’m here.

Sadly, you may never feel the same way about them again.

I’ll be here for Birthdays, Holidays and Special Occasions.

Sometimes, I’ll show up suddenly, even when you are not thinking about me.

I’m that constant lump in your throat and that deep pain in your heart.

Among other emotions, I can bring depression, anger, guilt and insecurity.

A song,  familiar smell, or even on a beautiful day, I will remind you of what you are missing.

Everyone knows of me, but deals with me differently.

I’ll stay as long as needed, but it might be difficult to get over me.

You probably won’t be the same as before.

I’ll be here waiting.

My deepest condolences,


–anonymous client of Prime Behavioral Health, LLC