Help with Parenting after Divorce

Many times parents who are in the midst of divorce experience problems co-parenting their children.  The following excerpts are meant to help parents keep the welfare of their children uppermost in their minds.  The first is entitled, Part I – “Create a Successful Parenting Plan for Children after Divorce”. The second is entitled Part II […]

Sitting Still

Does your child have sensory processing or attention issues and have trouble sitting still? Here are some good and inexpensive ideas that may help! This information comes directly from the website and the article was written by Andrew M.I. Lee, J.D. Sitting on a regular seat can be tough for kids with sensory processing issues or […]

“My Child Refuses to Do Homework” Here’s How to Stop the Struggle

Over the past few weeks I have had many frustrated parents in my office discussing issues that they were having with their child refusing to do homework. Most of the parents I talked to described homework taking hours and ending with everyone frustrated and upset. This is a nightly occurrence and both the child and […]

“I’m bored!” Kids in the Summer Part I: Screen time

This article is provided here by Megan Yaraschuk, M.Ed., PCC and was written by Nancy Darling, Ph.D. How can kids make the best of summer screen time?   With summer break quickly approaching I have had many parents asking questions about the appropriate amount of screen time per day. The following article by Nancy Darling […]

AD/HD and Adults

AD/HD and Adults written by Bernadette Zoppetti, MA, PCC   Many times when people think of symptoms of  Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, children come to mind. The typical view might be that of a hyperactive, unruly child, running around as if motorized, not being able to sit still, blurting out answers in school, getting into trouble […]